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2006-11-22 -- The Equipment page has been updated, as well as the Publication list.

2005-05-10 -- VSNET mailing list is working again!

2004-04-15 -- Some of the Czech pages were updated, update of the English version is coming soon.

2002-10-20 -- This pages were under complete reconstruction in the last few days. Now they run completely dynamically, based on PHP and MySQL database. You can now for example plot light curves for printing, search for a star, download data files etc. See also new images in the photogallery.

2002-02-28 -- An article about AL Com and WZ Sge superhumps detection was published in Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters. Our observers T. Hynek, M. Kolasa and L. Kral contributed by their observations and therefore are mentioned as co-authors. PDF preprint here.

2001-11-15 -- A paper about CI Aquilae by K. Matsumoto was published in Astronomy&Astrophysics, we are co-authors thank to our observations of this star. You can read the abstract here.

2001-08-30 -- New observations of stars WZ Sge, DO Cyg and V 401 Lac.

2001-08-01 -- We observe bright dwarf nova WZ Sge in superoutburst!

2001-07-20 -- New observations of NSV 14781 + QX Cas were added. Also a page with nice phase curve of cepheid CF Cas was created.

2001-05-17 -- First scientific paper based on our data was published today - article about AE UMa (mentioned below) as IBVS 5080!

2001-04-12 -- During processing of the QX Cas observation, we noticed that an other star in the field changes - NSV 14781!