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Our Equipment

CCD kamery

The Eridanus observers are using the following CCDs:
  • Two SBIG ST-8XME cameras (1530x1020 pixels, 13.8x9.2 mm), since 2005
  • Meade Pictor 416XTE (768x512 pix., 6.90x4.60 mm), T. Hynek's private camera, since 2000
  • SBIG ST-7 camera (765x510 pix., 6.9x4.6 mm, antiblooming), since 1996
We tested the linearity of the cameras, the results can be seen here (page in Czech).


Eastern Dome

Vychodni kopule The Eastern dome is dedicated to the scientific observation only. Originally, it was equipped by Meniskus-Cassegrain by Carl Zeiss Jena, and used mainly for visual observation. After purchasing the first CCD camera, the telescope was replaced by a series of photo-lenses, more suitable for CCD observation due to shorter focal length. Since 2005, the eastern dome is equipped with a modern telescope Meade LX200 GPS 12" with automatic go-to system.

Western Dome

Zapadni kopule In the western dome, public observations take place, using a 150 mm Coude refractor by Carl Zeiss. The telescope has a high-quality mount, which is shared with a 200 mm Newton dedicated to CCD observation.

Complete list of telescopes used for CCD photometry recently and in the past:

Type Focal length Lens speed Aperture Used
Meade 12" LX200GPS
3000 (2000) mm f/10 (f/6.6) 30 cm 2005 - ...
(Newton type)
1200 mm f/6 20 cm 2003 - ...
(Coude type)
2250 mm f/15 15 cm 2000 - 2003
photo-lens (refl.) 500 mm f/5.6 9 cm 2001 - ...
photo-lens (refr.) 600 mm
(300 mm + Barlow 2x)
f/11 5.5 cm 1998 - 2001
photo-lens (refr.) 500 mm f/8 7 cm 1996 - 1998


Since March 2004 we have a set of standard photometric filters of the Johnson-Cousins BVRI system (transmission curves here). A set of RGB+AntiIR filters for colour imaging was also purchased with the first CCD in 1996 (transmission curves here). If used for photometry, these RGB filters are marked with an asterisk in the observation database.

Filter setup at individual telescopes:
- eastern dome (Newton): 5-position wheel - BVRI + Clear
- western dome (Meade): 10-position wheel - BVRI, Clear, and RGB


We use a software package Munipack (developed mainly by Filip Hroch and Rudolf Novak) for the photometry. We use primarily its Windows version (C-Munipack adapted by David Motl), or the older DOS version (adapted by Lukas Kral and Rudolf Novak).

For the determination of mid-eclipse times of the eclipsing binaries we use recently mainly program FT by Lenka Sarounova (finding symmetry in the light curve), and sometimes also the Kwee-Woerden method, implemented by Filip Hroch (in 1999) as a Fortran 77 algorithm. We have also used programs written by A. Gaspani, based on artificial neural network computing, which search for extrema of a sampled noisy function (mostly Avalon 4).