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Required Data File Format

Here is described the format of data files accepted by the on-line plotter. This format is the format of output data files, made by Munipack for DOS photometry package (see http://munipack.astronomy.cz/).

  1. must be ASCII text file
  2. first two rows are expected to contain header with some description and are skipped by the plotter
  3. following rows must contain at least 2 columns; first column is always the full julian date, second column contains magnitude; third column, if present, contains single measurement uncertainty (estimate of standard deviation)
  4. if file contains more than 3 columns described above, each odd column must contain magnitude and each even column must contain the magnitude's uncertainty
  5. file can contain blank rows or rows filled by spaces, which are skipped
  6. if magnitude is 99.999, it means a flag for bad measurement and is not plotted